2015 Dodge Charger HellcatEmail Send Email
2015 Dodge Charger HellcatEmail Send Email
Model:Charger Hellcat
Body Type:4-Door Sedan
Engine:6.2L/376-cid Supercharged HEMI V8 – SRT Hellcat Engine
Exterior Color:Ivory Tri-Coat Pearl
Interior:Black Laguna Leather High Performance Seats
Transmission:TorqueFlite 8-Speed Automatic 8HP90
Comment:>Zero to 60 MPH...3.4 sec. Zero to 100 MPH......7.2 sec. 1/4-Mile....11.4 sec. @ 128 mph Top Speed..204 mph Source: Car and Driver


Original Base Price: $62,295
Price as Purchased: $67,980
Number Produced: 1334, 154 in Ivory Tri-Coat
Wheelbase: 120.4-Inches
  Track, Front: 63.4-Inches
  Track, Rear: 63.7-Inches
Length: 200.8-Inches
Curb Weight: 4410-Pounds
Engine: 90-Degree V8
Displacement: 6.2L/376-cid
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Horsepower: 707@6000rpm
Torque: 650 lb-ft.@4800rpm
Acceleration: 0-60mph: 3.6-seconds
Quarter Mile: 11.7-seconds@126mph
Top Speed: 204mph
Fuel Delivery: Port Fuel Injection
Transmission: TorqueFlite 8-Speed Automatic 8HP90
Differential: 2.62:1
Front Suspension: Control Arm
Rear Suspension: Multilink
Brakes: Front Brakes: 15.4-Inch, Disc
  Rear Brakes: 13.8-Inch, Disc
Ignition: Crank Triggered, Coil on Plug
Battery: 12-Volt
Tire Size: Front: P275/40ZR20
  Rear: P275/40ZR20
Fuel Capacity: 18.5-Gallons
Oil Capacity: 7.5-Quarts
Cooling System: 14-Quarts (with Heater)


Can you imagine how the memo to Chrysler design group was worded concerning the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat? I imagined it something like this; “Ladies and Gentleman, I want you to give me the most extreme, grocery getter in the history of the automobile! I want a car capable of satisfying the performance needs for mom and dad, while providing enough room for a child’s seat and a trunk full of groceries! And once you’ve done that, add a Supercharger to the engine!” How else can you explain a four-door sedan capable of outrunning most of the modern-day muscle cars!?

Engineering has finally caught up to the demands of the Federal government’s EPA requirements and CAFE Standards – and provides enough horsepower and torque to excite the pleasure centers of everyone who slips behind the wheel!

So if you are starting a new family, and are concerned that you have to give up your muscle car in favor of a Family Truckster, stop worrying! You can have your cake, and eat it, too!