1970 MercuryEmail Send Email
1970 MercuryEmail Send Email
Model:Monterey Police Interceptor
Body Type:4-Door Sedan
Engine:428-cid (P Code) Police Interceptor (Built to CJ Specs)
Exterior Color:Black and White
Interior:Nugget Gold Broadcloth
Transmission:C-6 Merc-O-Matic
Comment:It is the original car; very rare; 1 year only for CHP; killer 428 police engine


Original Base Price: $3,288.00
Number Produced: 4,823 (2,876 in Police Interceptor Trim)
Wheelbase: 124-Inches
Track, Front: 63-Inches
Track, Rear: 64-Inches
Length: 221.8-Inches
Curb Weight: 3,945-Pounds (Stock Trim)
Engine: 90-Degree V8
Displacement: 428-cid
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
BHP (Brake Horsepower): 340 bhp @ 5,400rpm
Torque: 459 lbf·ft @3200 rpm
Carburetor: Autolite 4300
Transmission: C6 Merc-O-Matic
Differential: 3.00:1
Front Suspension: Coil Spring (Special HD for Police Interceptor)
Rear Suspension: Coil Spring (Special HD for Police Interceptor)
Front Brakes: -Inch, Disc
Rear Brakes: -Inch Disc
Ignition: Point-Triggered Distributor
Battery: 12-Volt
Tire Size: P225/70R15 (27x8.86-15)
Fuel Capacity: 24.1-Gallons
Oil Capacity: 5-Quarts
Cooling System: 20.5-Quarts (with Heater)


When you look at the police interceptors of the 1970’s the obvious choices were Ford and Chrysler. But there was a strange anomaly that occurred with the California Highway Patrol; they had Mercury Police Interceptors. In all there were 2,876 units produced in Police Trim, and this particular vehicle is a documented CHP issued cruiser – with the original “E” license plate still attached!

What’s even more appealing (flashbacks to “The Blues Brothers” movie) is that when they were taken out of service you could actually buy one from the State of California! Imagine cruising down the street in this land yacht, equipped with a Cobra Jet prepared 428-cid engine! The engine pushed 340hp@5400 rpm, with 459 lbf·ft @3200 rpm! What a rush!