1968 MercedesEmail Send Email
1968 MercedesEmail Send Email
Model:300 SEL
Body Type:4-Door Sedan
Engine:6.3 V8
Exterior Color:Silver Gray (DB-180)
Interior:Blue Leather
Transmission:4-Speed Automatic
Comment:Hot rod of the 60's; Faster than most Corvette GTOs; Owned over 40 years


Original Base Price:  
Number Produced:  
Wheelbase: 112.8-Inches
  Track, Front: 58.3-Inches
  Track, Rear: 58.7-Inches
Length: 196.9-Inches
Curb Weight: 3924-Pounds
Engine: 90-Degree V8
Displacement: 386.402-cid (6.3)
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
BHP (Brake Horsepower): 247hp/369 lbf·ft @ 2800 rpm Torque
Carburetor: Bosch Fuel Injection
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Differential: 2.85:1
Front Suspension: Inflatable Air Bag
Rear Suspension: Inflatable Air Bag
Brakes: Front Brakes: 10.75-Inch, Disc (10.748 or 273mm)
  Rear Brakes: 11-Inch Disc (10.9843 or 279mm)
Ignition: Bosch, Point-Fired Distributor
Battery: 12-Volt
Tire Size: 195 VR 14
Fuel Capacity: 27.7-US Gallons (105 Litres)
Oil Capacity: 7.4-US Quarts (7 Litres)
Cooling System: 19-US Quarts (18 Litres)


The 300 SEL was only produced from 1968 – 1972 with a total production of 6500 units. The 300 SEL outfitted with the 6.3L engine was originally a private venture by Erich Waxenberger. This venture produced the world’s first “Super Saloon” or Q-Car. He utilized the powerful 6.3 engine at the time used in the 600 Limousine then devised a way to shoehorn the engine into the 300 SEL body. This virtual, near two-tons land yacht could comfortably cruise at over 124 mph with five occupants in the vehicle with the air conditioning, on! I guess you could say that the Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3L was the very first, four-door sports car!